Will I Be Coming to a Bankrupt Country?

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fly out to San Francisco on August 2, the same day as the deadline for the US to have its debt ceiling raised so the government can pay its bills without defaulting. How exciting that would be to be entering a country that could be essentially bankrupt! If that happens, among the people who will be drastically affected are the servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq, who are paid by the Government. Christamighty, if they’re putting themselves on the line to defend their country, that would be the ultimate slap in the face if their checks bounced!  The Tea Party contingent, not surprisingly, are the ones keeping Congress from agreeing on a game plan, and poor John Boehner (R-Ohio), the anointed Speaker of the House of Representatives, has appeared limp (couldn’t resist) in trying to appease the nutjob Tea Partiers who put him there while at the same time trying to look like he’s in charge. As horrible a man as he was, I believe former Speaker Newt Gingrich would have shown more balls, and I swear that’s the last pun on Boehner’s name. I’ve been told enough times it’s pronounced Bay-ner anyway.   

                  The US has endured the worst recession since the Second World War, followed by an economic recovery that is ridiculously slow. With all this going on, it’s no surprise that the dollar has plummeted dramatically on the World Market, so much so that I could probably take everyone out to dinner one night, and only lose about £20 from my account! How nice to have been living in another country that, while not exactly flowing with wealth, is recovering much quicker from its own recession, and the only major negative outcome has been vast increases in the cost of EVERYTHING!  

When the US motorist complains about $4 a gallon for gas, the UK is currently charging on the average £1.35 per litre, making a gallon cost about six pounds, which in US dollars currently means well over $10, so calm down, guys!                                                             I could not IMAGINE living in the US and trying to do what I’m doing in UK. But I have this amazing history in my adult life, of somehow landing on my feet whenever a crisis threatens. I equate my career to crossing a fast moving river that’s leading to a waterfall. There’s always the chance of being swept away, but I keep finding the next dry rock to leap onto. So in 2000, the combination of a second failed marriage and a career that was going nowhere led me to leap to that next rock, which was England. I was $20,000 in debt when I first came here; by mid-2004, my entire debt was paid off, and I stayed out of debt until last year.                                                                                                                                 

Sure, I’m concerned about my native country. I’ve been living in England officially since late 2003, and when I got married in 2004, I thought I’d live here the rest of my life. Well, that thought was given a jolt when we split in 2009, and I envisioned selling everything and moving back to America with my tail between my legs, but knew that it would be far more difficult to make a living there, so I stayed. I still envision moving back there, but when, to where, to what, and for what I just don’t know. It’s fun to look at the situation from afar, and marvel that not only am I doing what I want to do and continuing to make a living at it, but also doing so over ten years after Los Angeles essentially told me I was over the hill. I’m also doing it at a convenient age where I qualify for all sorts of benefits that I couldn’t imagine getting in the States. I ride London buses and Underground for FREE! I get 1/3 off on all National Rail fares! I get my prescriptions for FREE! Oh yeah, and there’s that health care thing! And when I have to prove to certain factions that I am in fact, 60, it’s with the same jubilation that I had when I was 25 or 30 and had to occasionally prove I was over 21.                                                                                                                                                                             Yep, we get all these things just for living here and paying taxes, and while the Daily Mail LOVES to run stories about the low-lifes (and not just immigrants) who abuse the system, the fact is, it still works. If I get sick here, I go to my corner doctor, have a consultation and not worry about a $100 fee just to hear the doctor say “Oh, it’s probably a virus.” God help me if I should get sick while I’m in America. Oh shit, I shouldn’t have even put the thought down there, “lalalala, I can’t hear what I just said….”                                                                                                              

I’ll be in California until the 15th. Hope to see as many of you as possible over that time, and Go Giants!                                                                                   






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