Stand up comedian

“The Rock & Roll Comic”, Rick Right is a unique comic and musical talent who stands in a class by himself.

With the uncanny ability to sing and play any song that has been a major hit over the past 50 years, even if he has never played it before, Rick has observations and sly-as-you-like sardonic witticisms to undermine every artist that deserves it. No artist who has ever charted, good or bad, is safe from Rick’s barbs.

He has entertained in 37 of the 50 US states, as well as 21 countries.

A recent press release stated:

“Rick Right is a performer whose work refers to contemporary music, denaturing and rewriting pop songs live on stage. In his performances, Right performs a very particular kind of alchemy in recasting the familiar in new, often hilarious, terms, wherein the fundamental contents of his source material is are stripped away and entirely new works are produced. In recasting the familiar in his own unique satirical frame, Right examines one of the last frontiers of genuine collective memory, pop music, warping songs that have a ubiquity only possible in an age of mass media into his own original artefacts, in doing so, re-configures the borders between performance art, music gig, and comedy.”
or there’s the more direct approach:

“… be sure to see him before he discovers how shit it is here and fucks off back to America!”  Viz

OR if you want the opposing view:

“… ultimately too many weak jokes in his act that the fig leaf of upbeat music can only partially conceal.”  Chortle

Your choice!!

view samples of Rick’s act

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