Maybe He WILL Have To Shoot Someone

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Today I received my absentee ballot from Elections Department in San Francisco, and it proves once and for all that Donald Trump really IS running for President. This wasn’t just some publicity stunt, though it wouldn’t surprise me that much if he were to win the election, and THEN say, “Ha, fooled ya, I don’t really want to be President, I just wanted to see if I could actually win.”

After Monday’s debates, it appeared that Hillary had this one sewn up. Trump’s only defence was interruptions, denials, and insults, where Hillary remained calm, except for throwing the occasional zinger here and there. Both Clinton and the moderator were able to challenge Donald repeatedly on his racism, his misogyny, and his outrageous accusations which he would try to deny, but with fact-checkers so at the ready, his denials were easily disproved.

So why is it that many liberal pundits, Michael Moore for one, are so very certain that Trump will not only survive the persistent grilling he’s going to get over the next six weeks, but actually BE our 45th President? Is there just an ignorance bug of epidemic proportion going around? It’s not reassuring to see so many people claiming that Trump “says what we’re thinking.” There have been many shocking comparisons of Donald and his followers to the little guy with the moustache who assumed control of Germany 82 years ago, beginning with the violence that erupts at Trump rallies, often at the speaker’s instigation, and yet his fan club keeps attracting new members.

I don’t know what it would take to completely slow this man down, but he even claimed that he’s so popular, he could shoot somebody on the streets of New York, and people would still support him. Scary because it may well be true. I recall back around 1973 the great Groucho Marx, then approaching age 80 and with five more years left on the planet, proclaiming “The only hope for this country is President Nixon’s assassination.” The CIA was on him like vultures to roadkill. At least he lived long enough to see Nixon leave office in disgrace. I often think/worry that someone less stable than Groucho may decide that the assassination of Donald Trump is America’s only hope, and actually do it. The possibility of Mike Pence having even the slightest view of the Oval Office is much, much scarier to me than a Trump presidency, so to any radical leftist thinking about “saving us,” put your god damn gun down first.

I should also mention that it is with my nose held and with great trepidation that I will be casting my vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m really not a fan, but there seems no real alternative other than throwaway votes, which, to some ways of thinking, could just as well be votes for Trump. The only time Hillary impressed me in the last year or so was when she was grilled by a series of Republican Congressmen about the Benghazi incident, which Fox News will bring up at the drop of a hat. OK, four innocent Americans who probably didn’t need to be there were killed, but there she was, answering the persistent badgering with more aplomb than all of her interrogators combined. “Dammit, the bitch is not giving us answers we can nail her on,” seemed to be the mood of the room. If there was to be a ground-breaker for the first female President, I was really hoping it would be Elizabeth Warren, but it’s just not her time yet. Hillary voted in favour of the Iraq War in 2003 when she was a Congresswoman, while Barack Obama, only a state senator at the time, was a strong advocate against. From that point on, I could only look at her as a sell-out.

She has lots of baggage, she and her husband are likely guilty of some impropriety that no one has been able to corner her on, but the one thing she has going for her is she’s not Trump, who appears infinitely more corrupt. That’s really all there is, and that’s a bit sad. I imagine she won’t be the worst thing to happen to America, whereas I think Trump would be. If he’s elected, Canada may get their border wall built much quicker than Trump can get his proposed Mexican one. But I don’t want to make any further predictions, for I fairly confidently predicted Brexit to lose. I like the comment from one columnist, about how while Hillary and her colleagues were engineering the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump was on Howard Stern show talking about who has nice boobs.

The last thing I will say today (and perhaps I’ll refrain from any further political posts until after this whole thing is resolved the day before my birthday), is this: If you seriously believe that this man who has never held an elective office, a businessman who’s gone bankrupt at least four times, who advocates extremely divisive measures to deal with immigration, crime, racism and terrorism, and whose attitude toward women is just shy of “Let’s get ’em back in the kitchen where they belong,” is the most qualified to take the office of “Leader of The Free World,” then do me a favour. Un-friend me, NOW! I really don’t want to hear your rebuttal.


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