Just A Test To See If The New Facebook Works

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                     Bachmann-Palin in 2012!  Fox News features intelligent, non-biased reporting!  The global economy is just fine!!  OK, now that I got your attention, I, like so many Facebook users, have had difficulty adjusting to the “New” look, but eventually I’ve found the stuff that matters to me. ALTHOUGH… I’ve really wanted to look up links I may have posted a year or so ago, and was once told how to do that but because of too much past drug abuse (always easy to blame it on that), some things stay in the right brain, like the catalogue number of Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman” (Atlantic 2326 in case anyone asks), but other things trickle out any available escape route.

                       Anyway, my list of birthdays was mysteriously lost for about 24 hours, then suddenly returned as if by popular demand. So this is my first blog attempt under the new auspices, and if it somehow doesn’t make it over to my Facebook page, I may well delete the entire freaking account and just communicate the old fashioned way, with, you know, e-mail, or maybe even talking on the phone!! I might even hand write a letter, and send it by traditional post — well, I’d do that if I actually HAD anyone’s mailing address. Last night I was trying to give the comic who was driving home from our gig the directions to my girlfriend’s house, but couldn’t remember the post code, so I couldn’t give him something to program into his Satnav. I actually had to CALL her up and ASK her. Yikes! Remember only a decade or so ago, when many of us still didn’t have mobile phones? Now most of us don’t have HOME phones! 

                        Getting bored? OK, Tony Blair was a strong leader and statesman who never kissed American ass! I hate baseball! I really love when a group of 30 hyper kids gets on the same carriage as me on a train from London to Bristol! Actually, one of the things I really DO like about the new Facebook is the deletion of the link between FB and my personal Hotmail account. Now my inbox isn’t inundated with forty or so postings of responses to a thread I might have commented on three days prior and was done with, and most of those postings have little more substance than LOL. Besides, it gives me an inferiority complex when I discover that someone who has just posted “I’m going to the gym” gets a slew of “You go”s and “likes this”s and I get included in that thread because I might have commented “Why should we give a fuck?” In the new plan, you only get your FB messages by GOING there, and that’s a profitable move for FB too, because most often we WILL make the extra effort to go directly there.  Also, those 40 “LOL”s are all condensed into ONE box, and I sure don’t miss deleting those messages from Hotmail.

                         Now then: The moon landings never happened! “X Factor” is a legitimate singing contest! Barack Obama is a radical Muslim working with Al-Qaeda to make the US a non-Christian nation! There’s more I can say, but for now, let’s just say if nobody makes any comments, then I’ll assume the link between my website and FB has been terminated, and my life won’t be worth living. Only YOU (and FB) can keep the legacy that is Rick Right/Brian Seff alive and ready to face another day! And blah blah blah….     

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