Is Getting Laid Worth Killing For?

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For once, I’m not going to use the latest pathetic mass-murder story in California as justification for my views on why guns suck. For me it’s a foregone conclusion that they do, and always will, and the day I buy a gun is the day Hitler, Rasputin, and Charles Manson join hands for a chorus of “Give Peace A Chance.” I think I’ve made my views rather succinct on numerous occasions.

No, I want to focus on this spoiled rich kid Elliot Rodger, who decided to wreak revenge on all the girls who shunned him, and possibly even the guys they shunned him for. Wow, 22 and a virgin? Of course if you assume that because you come from wealth, and for that alone you should be some kind of pussy magnet, well welcome to reality, dude! Yeah, he showed ’em all right.

I managed to get a view of that ridiculous YouTube video before it was removed, and what annoyed me the most was, as Rodger was telling of his sinister plan via the social media, he’d make a proclamation and then deliver one of those smarmy laughs stolen from some B-movie villain. “I vill drop you in zis vat of boiling oil, but firs’ I muss eggsplain my entire diabolical plan in full, allowing time for ze authorities to zwoop down and keel me before I can do ze job.” Really, all that was missing from his diatribe was a German accent.

Ultimately, he had the money, he could have paid for hookers, but I understand if he wanted a proper relationship. All that involves is being a nice person, which apparently was difficult for him. For that matter, being a total ass can sometimes work. I still remember a comic I worked a week with on the road who was notorious for his tales of debauchery. I witnessed him in the club the first night, shouting to all the waitresses within earshot, “Who’s gonna suck my dick tonight?” But instead of the women uniformly saying “Well, none of us, because we have a certain amount of self-esteem left,” the general response was, “Oh, Fred (not his name), you’re so silly,” and over that week he did three of them. So decorum isn’t necessarily a requirement.

There is plenty of leeway between being a sexist pig and crawling into a hole and hoping the girl of your dreams finds you there. I could relate to the envy Rodger must have felt for the more socially adept. By the time I was his age, I’d been in my first full-on relationship for nearly three years, but until that relationship happened, I truly wondered if my few sporadic adventures, usually spaced a year or so apart, were going to be it. I was extremely shy and a bit geeky, and very envious of the people around me, who scored because they seemed to know what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to. Did it make them better people? In the long run, no, but at that age, when you think your manhood hinges on your box score, it seemed to matter.

There were girls who all but laughed in my face when I made futile overtures, and I took it to heart, since most of us were very vulnerable in our teens and young adulthood. On those occasions, like when one girl I sort of fancied said, “You’re so ugly it’s pitiful,” you have to almost thank the person for heading that one off at the pass and sparing you greater humiliation. The girl was no more mature than me, so her way of dealing with it was to be rude and insulting. Obviously, Rodger had endured that type of rejection from the sorority girls he coveted, but since most of us only got to hear his side of it, we don’t know the full story. Maybe his chat-up line was “Who’s gonna suck my dick tonight.”

It’s doubtful that the women killed by Rodger had even known him, let alone rejected him, but by then rage had taken over for rationale. For myself I couldn’t have imagined wanting to kill the “You’re so ugly” girl. The revenge I’d have wanted and/or hoped for back then was that she and whatever jock or hard guy she’d settle for would get married and each gain about 200 pounds and live in a trailer park in total squalor. I also realized that it would be foolish to stick around watching and waiting for that to happen when I could be out looking for the right someone. Elliot Rodger was not that unattractive, plus he did come from a moneyed background. Sometimes just that is enough to spark interest. However, for some of us, and for no specific reasons, it takes longer than 22 years.

Famous people in history who died virgins: Isaac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I, Lewis Carroll, Joan of Arc, Hans Christian Andersen, Mother Teresa, and presumably every pope. And they were all a LOT older than 22 when they died!

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